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Marsha West’s Articles

The Old Serpent and the Slacker
–This Spiritual Warfare allegory tackles the Apostle Paul’s Armor of God analogy found in Eph. 6:10-19.  Marsha West’s short story gives readers a visual picture of what Paul meant when he said, “Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”  

Angels and demons play a role in Marsha’s story.  No one knows what really goes on in the spiritual world, however we d know from the Bible that angels and demons fight to win the hearts and minds of mankind. In this story Marsha uses humor and wit to describe the angelic-demonic tug of war over the back slider Brady McCoy, a young man who recommitted his life to Christ.  Brady is determined to remain in God’s will but before long distractions and diversions get in the way of his time in prayer and Bible reading. “If you remain in me,” said Jesus, “my words will remain in you.”  

In a world that pulls us in 10 different directions at once, remaining in Christ isn’t always the first thing on a Christian’s mind.  And for many Christians it’s the last thing on their mind!  

So, how does a true believer remain in Christ?  You’ll discover the answer in The Old Serpent and the Slacker.

Are You Armed For Battle?
The Old Serpent and the Slacker
Fight the Spiritual Forces of Evil — and Win!
Gladiator-style takedown of  demonic forces, Part 1
Part 2 



+ Caution! Some beloved Christian VIPs navigate the sheep down the primrose path that can lead to a life of sin 7/6/24

+ The Chosen creator, Dallas Jenkins, ends a business partnership with a Mormon-owned company over broken agreements 6/3/24

+ Taylor Swift may be causing her fans to stumble into witchcraft  4/30/24

Is the ‘Christian Right’ doing the right thing in God’s eyes?  4/2/24

Christians Are Being Led to the Gates of Hell By Progressive’s Fake Jesus  3/5/24

+ A Culture of Unholy Christians 1/4/23 


+ Self-absorbed ‘Christians’ And Their Perceptions Of The Bible  11/1/23

+ When Christians Tolerate Anything and Everybody, You Cannot Guard the Flock Against Wolves 9/20/23

+ Christians Have A Choice To Make: Paul Of Tarsus Or Taurus The Bull. Which Will It Be? 7/21/23

+ Why Do You Love Your Sin So Much? 7/10/23

+ Are You Praying to the Only True God? 5/23/23

+ Exposed: The Charismatic Excesses ‘Jesus Revolution’ Conveniently Left Out 4/17/23

+ (Reprise) Gladiator-style takedown of demonic forces, Part 1


+ Bethel Redding is a shark tank – woe to Bethel! 7/27/21

+ Dispensationalism, Ultra-dispensationalism, Hyper-dispensationalism. Is there a Difference? 6/2/22


+ (Reprise) Who Will You Serve, God Or The World? 10/18/21

+ Bethel Church’s new megabucks megastructure will model ‘on earth as it is in heaven’  8/30/21

+ Major evangelical figure comes out as gay  8/12/21

+ Is Rosaria Butterfield Leading the Sheep Over a Cliff?  

+ Is God really the one behind ‘The Chosen,’ as the creator of the series declares?  6/30/21

+ Blood Moons: Prophets Who Persist in Prophesying Falsely 5/21/21

+ Christian publishing houses are advancing the apostasy pandemic in the Church  5/13/21

+ (Reprise) Christian, You’re Engulfed In An All-Out Spiritual Battle. Are You Prepared?

+ The Mainstreaming of Neo-Gnosticism in Evangelicalism 3/22/21

+ Who or what is the force that drives the Left to cancel conservatives? 3/11/21

+ (Reprise) Going Against God ‘Just for Fun’  2/19/21

+ Shockingly, Many Christians Think Nothing of Using Satanic Practices to ‘Experience God in a Powerful Way’  2/16/21

+ Evangelicalism Has Been Hijacked By ‘Woke’ Elitist Progressive ‘Christians’  1/27/21

+ Does The Bible Actually Teach That We’re Not To Judge Others? 12/18/20
+ ‘The Return’ – Jonathan Cahn’s Upcoming Prayer Event Produced By Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing  9/8/20
A Whole Lotta ‘Christian’ Bestsellers Are Unfit For Christian Consumption  12/5/19
Christianity is teaming with creepy con-artists, soothsayers, Heavenly Tourism peddlers & partakers in ‘faith-based’ yoga 10/10/19
(Reprise) The ‘Progressive Christian” Charade  9/20/19
(Reprise) Have Christians Lost the Art of Biblical Discernment  9/6/19
+ God’s Holy Name, Misused and Abused Even By Believers  6/20/19
Christian, You’re Engulfed In An All-Out Spiritual Battle. Are You Prepared?  5/29/19
+ Christian Parents Must Be Willing To Fight for The Heart and Soul of Their Children  5/1/19
+ Christian Kids Must Slay Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing, Not Pet Them 4/18/19
Hollywood’s Plunge Into The Bottomless Pit 10/25/17
The “Progressive Christian” Charade 9/13/17
(Reprise) Purpose Driven Dismantling of Christianity 
+ Desperate liberals resort to witchcraft to ‘bind’ President Trump
Have Christians lost the art of biblical discernment? 1/24/17
Progressive Christians and their doctrines of devils 12/3/16
What Do You Think About All This Satan Stuff? 9/19/16 
Would Jesus refer to certain people on Trump’s Christian Advisory Committee as serpents and hypocrites? 7/26/16
James Dobson Reveals Who He Believes Led Donald Trump to Christ 7/1/16
The rotten fruit of the NAR 6/29/16
Some Christian news blogs and high-profile leaders overlook the truth 6/11/16
Cold Hard Facts On Cults 4/25/16
Evangelicals Divided, A Movement Fractured Part 1 Part 2  3/28/16
Controversial Christian historian David Barton… misinterpretations… errors… and Glenn Beck 1/28/16
(Reprise) Christian Meditation: What’s Biblical and What’s Not

A fast growing movement with disastrous implications
+ (Reprise) Christians mystically encountering God
70% of Americans are Christians? Seriously?  8/28/15
+ (Reprise) Christian “watchbloggers” under fire  7/17/15
+ (Reprise) Liberals Change Word Meanings With Intent to Deceive
Reformed Pastor, Francis Chan, to speak at IHOP cult – again!
Are you a member of the HFIB club?  7/1/15
+ (Reprise) Does the Bible Really Say We’re Not to Judge?
Does U2’s Bono, a professing Christian, believe the Bible? 6/15/15
+ (Reprise) Are You A Member of the HFIB Club?
+ (Reprise) Would the Son of God Contradict the Father?
+ (Reprise) Going Against God “Just For Fun” 2013
Better gear up for the 5 major changes coming to the Church 5/27/15
MOVIE GUIDE Props Up Profane Preacher 5/19/15
+ (Reprise) Liberalism’s Warm Fuzzy God 5/4/15
Glenn Beck Receives a “Mantle” From a False Prophet  4/23/15
Pitiable Capitulating Pro-family Leaders – Part 1 Part 2  3/19/15  
Be Skeptical of Dr. Oz’s Remedies and Rick Warren’s “Plans” 1/15/15
+ New Age Pandemic In The Church  1/9/15 revised 
Fight the Spiritual Forces of Evil — and Win!  12/1/14
Bethel Church’s “apostle” Bill Johnson: A comedy of errors,  Part 1 Part 2  11/6/14
Christian Meditation: What’s Biblical And What’s Not  9/23/14
The Prosperity Priestess and the Pied Piper of IHOP  9/9/14
The Low-Information Evangelical Part 1Part 2 8/12 & 8/29
Cowardly Christian entertainers  6/16/14
Glenn Beck goes off on “religious people”  6/2/14
Does the Bible Really Say We’re Not to Judge?  5/8/14
World Vision, Christian Organization? Part 1Part 2  4/10 & 17  
Addressing concerns over “Son of God” film  3/11/14
A culture of counterfeit Christians  3/3/14
Rick Warren’s new book “Daniel Plan: 40 Days to a Healthier Life” awash with doctrines of demons  11/12/13 
+ Sin is at the heart of what is wrong in your life
What would Jesus have you do?  7/10/13
Christians Mystically Encountering God  4/14/13
Retailers and entertainment industry aspire to hyper-sexualize girls  3/30/13
Celebrating 40 years of legal infanticide   1/21/13
The “new breed” of Christian fashion 1/3/13
Should Christians Hold Prayer Vigils With Apostates?  12/13/12
No limit on federally funded abortions if Obama’s re-elected 11/3/12
Finding God’s will is no deep dark secret  10/18/12
Rick Warren and Joel Osteen acquiesce to Oprah 10/12/12
Profane preachers contribute to killing the conscience  9/26/12
Caught up in a cult?  1/9/09 — reposted 9/19/12
Liberals created the culture of evil and death, Part 1 Part 2  Part 3
Liberals changing word meanings with intent to deceive  7/19/12
Are All Angels Safe?  7/12/12
A woman’s right to choose…the sex of her baby?  6/1/12
People of faith must join the fight to preserve normal marriage  5/14/12
Oprah’s at it again, declaring she’s a Christian  5/7/12
+Jesus: The illumined Illuminator  4/17/12
+ Plastic Easter eggs, jellybeans and Jesus?
+ Rick Warren once again caught up in controversy, Part 1  Part 2 
Beware of Angels from the dark side  3/18/12 
+ A fast-growing movement with alarming implications
Planned Parenthood urges students to share their sex-perience  3/3/12
Does Kirk Cameron have some explaining to do?  2/25/12
Would the Son of God Contradict the Father?  2/9/12
Gladiator-style takedown of  demonic forces, Part 1
Part 2   1/10/12
Hollywood unraveling the fabric of society  12/12/11
Kids are being exposed to shocking levels of sexual content  11/19/11
Is Rick Perry On A Mission From God?  11/2/11
+Dominionists are on the move…and they mean business

+Throwaway Human Beings
Glenn Beck’s “pure personal truth”, Part 1 Part 2
Christian leaders: It’s about time you test false teachers  8/23/11
My Response to “The Response” Gov. Rick Perry’s Call to Prayer  8/8/11
Texas governor’s Aug 6th prayer event includes cult members?  7/30/11
The Religious Right unites with Religious Renegade, Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Purpose Driven Dismantling of Christianity, Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Christian “watchbloggers” under fire  2/12/11
Rick Warren introduces “The Devil Plan”  1/24/11
Tinseltown is on a mission to sexualize young girls  1/13/11
+ ‘Red Eye’ host gives social conservatives a black eye 1/6/11

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