The Old Serpent and the Slacker


The hot sun beat down on Brady’s head as he cruised down the highway in his Mustang convertible on way to work.  He was listening to Christian-talk, fully engaged in the conversation between the host and his guest,  a well-known evangelical author.  “Jesus Christ paid for the sins of all mankind on the cross,” said the man.  The host jumped in to announce a hard break and gave the number to call for listeners to join the conversation.  

The thought of God’s redemptive plan made him misty-eyed.  “Amazing how the Son of God became flesh and died in my place to cover my sins. Has nothing to do with my performance, nothing I can do to earn salvation, I’m saved by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.  Thank you Jesus.”

Brady felt moved to sing so he pushed a Christian CD into the slot.  Soon he was singing along with the band:  “Jesus your name is power–Jesus your name is might–Jesus your name will break every stronghold–Jesus your name is life.”  

At the end of the song Brady bellowed, “AMEN!”  

Anabo was close by keeping watch over God’s beloved saint.  While Brady drove, the angel’s watchful eyes scanned the landscape looking for signs of the enemy.  All at once he spotted a suspicious looking cloud way off in the distance.  A moment later a band of mercenaries broke out and headed straight for the Mustang.  In a flash they were over the vehicle.  Two of them left the pack and began circling like vultures waiting to pick the flesh off a dead animal.  All the while they barked foul curses at Brady’s guardian.  

On this occasion Anabo held back a full-blown smile.  A slight grin would suffice.  When the sky lit up like the aurora borealis the demon’s cloaks came up to shield their eyes.  Clearly, they were madder than a sack of porcupines.  The group started screeching and moaning, cursing and threatening.  One demon cried out, “It’s Anabo!”

When Brady turned down the volume and hummed “Amazing Grace” smoke emerged from their ears and became a veritable flame when he got to “now I’m saved.”  This human was a complete waste of their precious time. 

To get Anabo’s goat the marauders blasphemed God and rejoined the pack.

“Another battle won,” mused the Angel of Truth.

The sky glowed with all the colors of the rainbow.   Anabo glanced over at Brady.  He had just pulled into a parking spot and turned off the engine.  He sat there for a moment, thinking about the people he worked with.  There were 22 — and only 3 serious Christians, he being one of them.  For over a month he had been praying that God would give him an opportunity to share his faith.  Once again he closed his eyes and bowed his head.  “Father, I pray that you’ll soften hearts and open minds.  I ask that you’ll protect me from enemy attacks as I share Christ with the lost.  I ask this in His precious Name.”

Anabo looked up to Heaven and smiled broadly.  A chorus of angels burst into song.  The King smiled back at them.  

Do not gloat over me, my enemy! Though I have fallen, I will rise. Though I sit in darkness, the LORD will be my light.  –Micah 7:8

Angel/demon names are from Greek: 
Bromos — Stink
Poneros — Evil that causes labor, pain, sorrow
Fonias — Killer, murderer
Chara — Joy
Anabo — Glow, ignite, light 

Copyright by Marsha West, 10/20/09 (Revised 7/24/12)  All rights reserved.


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