Abortion Issues –Prolife

Abortion Issues –Prolife


A Little Human Being In The Womb
Abortion: This is a suction abortion
Abortion & Breast Cancer  – There’s a link!
Abortion: Absolutely Not! – devoted to educating youth on abortion & prolife issues
Americans United for Life 
Care-Net – pro-life network of pregnancy care centers and churches, proclaiming the Gospel and providing practical help to women, men and unborn children threatened by abortion in the United States and Canada.
Chastity…Abstinence…and Dating – for youth
Child Predators – Planned Parenthood exposed!  Read the investigator’s shocking report!
Clinic Workers – how to protect yourselves
Commentaries on Abortion–Bioethics issues
COVID vaccine – Johnson and Johnson vaccine uses aborted fetal cells
Feminists for Life
Life Dynamics – Investigated Planned Parenthood! 
Life News 
Live Action–Lila Rose
Lutheran’s For Life – Lots of help here
National Right to Life
National Teens for Life
Operation Rescue National
Pregnancy Centers Online
ProLife Across America
Pro-Lifers Against Clinic Violence
Save One–for men and women who are suffering in silence after an abortion
The Silent Scream – Warning!  Graphic video of 11th week abortion
Sarah Palin Gives Moving Thanksgiving Tribute to Her Son Trig
Vida Humana Internacional – Hispanic

Helpful Articles

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One World Trade Center Ordered Lit Pink by NY Gov. Cuomo to Celebrate Law Expanding Murder of Unborn in State

You Can’t Give A Lethal Injection To Criminals In New York But You Can Give It To Infants

Virginia’s Moderate Governor Admits Abortion Bill Allows Babies To Be Killed After Birth


It May Be Human, but It’s Not a Person? | Greg Koukl on Abortion

Abortion: The Evil of Our Age

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