But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. 2 Peter 2:1


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"C. Peter Wagner is attempting to will into existence what he calls a "New Apostolic Reformation" in which the Church of the 21st Century will be ruled by Apostles and Prophets. This is advertised as "a reformation greater in scale than the reformation of the 1500's". Is this "New Reformation" really new? Orrel Steinkamp argues that it is merely warmed over Latter Rain teaching; he quotes G. Raymond Carlson, former General Superintendent of the AOG: 'I saw it in the New Order of the Latter Rain in the late 40's and early 50's. Before that, it made its presence felt in the early days of the century among early Pentecostals.'" -- Cross+Word Christian Resource

Rick Warren "intends to amass the world's largest volunteer "army" of "one billion foot soldiers" to implement his global P.E.A.C.E Plan." --Sarah Leslie

"Evangelical Leftists (Tom Sine, Ron Sider, Jim Wallis and others) have always hobnobbed with the dominionists. Many of the key Leftist dominionists have been coalescing around an agenda to eradicate world poverty, laboring with Rick Warren to implement the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals." --Sarah Leslie

C. Peter Wagner dedicated his book The New Apostolic Churches to John Wimber: "My mentor for helping me make a paradigm shift into what I now call spiritual principles of church growth was John Wimber, founder of the Association of Vineyard Churches and Vineyard Ministries International."

C. Peter Wagner, Chuck Pierce, Bob Jones, Paul Cain, Cindy Jacobs, Mike Bickle, Rick Joyner, Bill Johnson, Todd Bentley, Lou Engle, Brian & Bobbie Houston, Becky Fischer, Brian Simmons, Steve Shultz, Michael Brown, Rod Parsley, John Kelly, Bill Haman, Dutch Sheets, James Goll, John Eckhardt, Jim Laffoon, Jack Deere, Johnny Enlow, Barbara Yoder, Charles Kraft, Bob Beckett, Che Ahn, Naomi Dowdy, Mary Crum, Jack Hayford, John Arnott, Stacy Campbell, Patricia King, Phil Pringle, Yonggi Cho, Beni Johnson, Jen Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Carl Lentz, David Barton, Steven Strang, Robert Stern, Stephen Strader, George Otis, Ed Silvoso, Janet Porter, George Barna, Mary Glazier, Thomas Muthee, Tom Hess, Samuel Rodriguez, Eddie Smith, Lance Wallnau, Loren Cunningham, Bob Beckett, Os Hillman, Jill Griffith, Francis Oda, Graham Power, Francis Frangipagne, Wendy Alec, Amanda Wells, Katherine Ruonala, Lana Vawser, Kong Hee & Sun Ho, Theo Wolmarans, Jennifer LeClaire Ben Fitzgerald, Shawn & Stacie Bolz, Michael Koulianos & Jessica Hinn Koulianos and many others.

Groups include: Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), American Family Association, Campus Crusade for Christ (cru), Youth With A Mission (YWAM), International Coalition of Apostles, PrayforNetwork, International Transformation Network, Marketplace Leaders, International Coalition of Workplace Ministries, Alpha Course, Renovar (Richard Foster) and many more. 

Groups supporting C. Peter Wagner include: Wagner Leadership Institute, Global Harvest Ministries, World Prayer Center, Global Prayer Movement, Generals International, Fuller Theological Seminary, Council for National Policy, Promise Keepers, Barna Group, World Vision, YWAM, Prison Fellowship and many more.

Dr. Michael Brown -- Berean Research has a series of articles that warn about his association with and defense of men and women who embrace heretical Latter Rain theology and some extreme teaching coming from Bill Johnson, Benny Hinn and Jennifer LeClaire. 
God's Not Like "Whatever, Dude," About The Way He's Approached in Worship By Michelle Lesley -
Why Michael Brown has no credibility By Anthony Wade 
How are we to regard Michael Brown, Todd White and other NAR leaders-Churchwatch Central 
Identifying New Apostolic Reformation Churches In Your City By Holly Pivec
The Apostles are Coming to your City, Ready or Not By Orrel Steinkamp
Bethel Church's "Apostle" Bill Johnson: A comedy of errors, part 1   Part 2 By Marsha West
Better gear up for the 5 major changes coming to the Church By Marsha West
C. Peter Wagner--Quotes & Notes By Simpson & Oppenheimer
C. Peter Wagner Redefines Genesis 1 By Sarah Leslie
The Cell Church By Sarah Leslie
Chuck Pierce, the Kabbalist Apostle and Heir Apparent for the NAR By Orrel Steinkamp
The Coalescing of the Christian Right with Apostolic Dominionism By Ken Silva
Contend for the faith that was for all delivered to the saints By Mike Ratliff
The Dangers of the International House of Prayer (IHOP)  By John Park
Does the Bible Really Say We're Not to Judge? By Marsha West
Dominionism and the Rise of Christian Imperialism By Sarah Leslie
Dominionists are on the move...and they mean business By Marsha West
Francis Chan's not afraid of the big bad wolf, says "I still love Mike Bickle!" By Marsha West
IHOP & the Latter Rain--Herescope
Joel's Army By Jewel Grewe
John Wimber & the Vineyard--Deception in the Church
The Kansas City Prophets--Deception in the Church
Learn to Discern Good From Evil By Marsha West
The Low-information evangelical, part 1  Part 2 By Marsha West
Mike Bickle/IHOPKC Research Links--Apostasy Watch
The "New Apostolic" Church Movement By Mike Oppenheimer
New Apostolic Reformation articles--Deception in the Church
Shedding Light On the Diabolical NAR empire--Herescope 
The Rotten Fruit of the NAR By Marsha West
The Second Coming of the Presence, Part 1  2--4  By Sarah Leslie
The Seven Mountain Mandate--Herescope
Spiritual Warfare Evangelism: How Did We Get Here?--Orrel Steinkamp

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