Biblical prophecy plays two roles. It foretells the future, and it explains what the positive or negative results of future events will be. Prophecy may announce events that bring joy and pleasure or fear and foreboding. When prophecy is ignored, it is usually because the hearers don’t like what they hear for one reason or another. Biblical prophecy is not usually general in nature. It normally is very specific as to how it will affect someone or something. But it is always dependable and worthy of our complete trust. We can allow prophecy to help shape our lives, giving us direction and guidance in serving our Lord. It should be a source of strength and instruction for us. Unlike what we hear called “prophecy” today, both in the church and outside the church, true biblical prophecy is always accurate and precise. What God prophesies always occurs. (Source)


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Many people are putting forth prophecies, predictions and interpretations of current events as related to the prophecies in the Bible.  Many contradict each other, so not all (or any) of these may be true prophecies.  You should always go first to the prophecies contained in the Bible, and if what you hear from someone else doesn’t line up with the Scripture, then it just isn’t true.  If anything sounds logical, and doesn’t contradict the Bible, then it still may not be the truth.  Many people have put forth predictions or dates of when Christ’s second coming will be, and many of those dates have come and gone.  You should use sound and 
prayerful judgment when reading interpretations of the prophecies of the Bible.

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